Mount Android Device in Linux

By | 2010/08/01

How do I mount my Android phone in Linux?
Android phones and devices attach via usb as a generic mass storage device. This makes Android compatible with pretty much any operating system, without the need of any additional software or drivers.

(Spoiler: There is an alternative to using USB. Just use AndFTP to sftp your files to / from your device! It’s free.)

Unfortunately you cannot just plug in the device out of the box to start browsing your files. You must do these steps:

First go to Settings and tap on Applications.


Next, tap on USB settings and be sure to set USB to mass storage.


Now go back to the previous Applications menu and choose Development.


Here check the top box USB debugging.


Ok, now plug in your device with the USB cable. Android does not mount automatically. You must slide down your notification window, then tap on ‘USB connected’.


This prompts you to select ‘Mount’ which will then mount your device in Linux (or other operating systems).

05device 07_droidmount

But wait! Android is so awesome that there is another way to get files to / from your device. Just use this free app: AndFTP.