ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Review

By | 2010/07/24

This is a quick first impression review of ClearOS! (No, not centos, clearos!)

I see why this may be even confusing as ClearOS is based on CentOS. 🙂

So, what is it?

ClearOS is a magnificent gateway or standalone server appliance based on CentOS 5.5. In a nut shell you install, input some general settings in the interface, and then you are ready to go.

The biggest things that catch my eye are:

– OpenVPN out of the box!
– Content Filtering
– Based on CentOS 5.5
– Nice polished management interface
– Actual system logs through interface!
– An incredible amount of options
– Has that buzz term ‘Enterprise’ in the name to help convince your boss
– Easy to setup!

This is just a small gallery of the install process. At one point during the install you enabled what modules you would like (ex. mysql server, mail server, etc.).

Reboot after the config for good measure, then you can login with root (Eek!) to get the admin console.

Logs, reporting, bandwidth limits, and more!


Well it’s just plain easy. If I had a small business (or large business) this would replace over-priced equipment and hardware today.

If you need things like a dedicated box to do content filtering or QoS, you could use this.

Note that the more intensive things you want to do, the more hardware it will take. In a large enterprise or large business you might want at least a quad Xeon box or better with a lot of ram, especially if doing content filtering and other stuff.

Oh, and btw. It’s FREE.

The Ugly?

You have to login as root! Well, it’s not required – there is a place to setup users. But I suppose the ultimate security paranoid may be uneasy typing in the root (or as ClearOS calls it – ‘Administrator’) password.

Obviously you can do much much more than shown here. Consider this a very brief intro!

Go check it out now!