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By | 2010/07/11

How can I make a PDF form or document with typeable fields?

You can use to create a PDF document or form with typeable fields, all for free! There is no need to pay for the bloated, expensive, security-plagued Adobe software.

First create or open an existing document that is ready for input forms to be added.


Next, open the Form Control tool bar by clicking View > Toolbars > Form Controls.


For text form fields, click on the little ABC icon which is in a box. Then simply hold down the mouse and draw a box on the screen. Repeat for other form fields.

04formpdf 05formpdf

You can do other forms such as check boxes and other items which are on that tool bar. I also put in a check box option on this example.


You can of course do more elaborate settings for your form fields. Just double click on one of your field boxes and set more options as desire.

08formpdf 07formpdf

When done, simply export to PDF! I suggest using File > Export as PDF to include any other PDF options you may desire.

Typing in my PDF form!

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