Sync Google Calendar and Contacts in Evolution

By | 2010/07/10

How do I sync my Google Calendar and Contacts with Evolution?

I’ll show you how!

This example uses Evolution 2.28.3 on Ubuntu 10.04.

This obviously works well along with your Gmail configured in Evolution as IMAP.

Make sure to have this package installed first:

sudo apt-get install evolution-plugins-experimental

Part 1 – real two-way sync of your Google Calendar in Evolution

First, click on Calendars to open the Calendars view.

Then, right click on the left hand side in the blank white space area.

On the contextual menu that opens, click New Calendar.


On the next window, change Type to Google.
For username put your Google email address.
If desired, check the lower two boxes. And finally when ready, click Retrieve list


Supply your Google password when prompted.


Done! Repeat to add additional Google Calendars you may subscribe to.


As usual it integrates with the Gnome desktop calendar.


Part 2 – real two-way sync of your Google Contacts in Evolution

Open the Contacts view in Evolution.

Right click on the blank white space along the left hand side, then choose New Address Book.


On the next window that appears, change Type to Google.
For username, put your Google email address.
I suggest checking the Use SSL box.




13 thoughts on “Sync Google Calendar and Contacts in Evolution

  1. Trinae Ross

    The instruction you provided worked flawlessly. Evolution is an awesome tool, and with integrating my Google apps calendar and contacts, it just got a whole lot better. Any chance of incorporating Gmail’s tasks in Evolution?

  2. Richard


    Excellent guide.

    Worked first time.

    Thanks for bothering to post this.


  3. Mark

    Worked perfectly !! Thanks a million.

    now…. how do we get Google to fix the Daylight Savings issues????

  4. Marc

    Since update on Ubuntu 11.10 the synchronisation with google contacts is not possible any more.
    No google contact are shown and delete of the google address book is not possible any more.
    If I create a new google address book it is the same, and also not possible to delete.
    I have reinstalled Evolution and it is still the same.

    1. Daniel Nelson

      It worked for me for a little while on Ubuntu 11.10, but now I’m seeing the same problem. I’m thinking it might have to do with stored passwords or settings in Evolution, but I haven’t found anything helpful yet.

      1. Daniel Nelson

        OK, I think I have a solution, note that I haven’t tested enough to be sure that every one of these steps is actually necessary, but this worked for me, so it’s worth a try:

        1) close Evolution by typing “evolution –force-shutdown” in terminal
        2) Open the “Passwords and Keys” program either by finding it in the menus or just typing “seahorse” into the terminal.
        3) in the “Passwords” tab, under “Passwords: login”, look for the entry that starts with google:// and delete it.
        4) restart Evolution
        5) enter your Google password when it prompts for it.

        Following those steps got it working for me. Let me know if it does the same for you.

  5. guest

    The flushing of the password in seahorse(Ubuntu 11.10) didn’t appear to work for me. Evolution prompts me to re-enter the password but the test contact created in Evolution does not appear in gMail contacts.

  6. পার্থ (Partha)

    Thanks Daniel, the tips worked for me.

  7. James Bemis

    This works for me to, but I have to do this each time I start the computer. This is true for LMME 12 and debian 12. With each re-boot my GMail email always shows up but not the GMail contacts. Debian has a problem, not finding canberra-gtk-module, so evolution fails to load in seahorse, but after exiting the contact list shows up. Strange.

  8. rob

    Stupide solution for a just installed application. Simple installation true softwaremanagement. I fil my credentials for google and then I have to operate linke a specialist in program style? Why does evolution don’t make a email tool that works. For me it is now transformed in Crabware, ergo software that can not be used.

    Is there 1 software solution where I can choos what I want? So no amazon no yahoo nog gwibber and al that stuff?
    NO, so is lunux stil open source? NO. There is no simpel useable email client that works in 1 time without being an linux technision. So they are right. linus sucks ( see youtube )

    greets, Rob

  9. Jonathan Neufeld

    This no longer works, I think Google changed the API endpoint because I saw a generic HTTP “Not Found” message banner flash by and no contacts are populating the list.


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