Create PDFs in Windows for Free

By | 2010/07/06

How do I create a PDF in Windows?

Windows is the only operating system with no built-in PDF support! Alas, there is a free PDF Creator to the rescue appropriately named: PDFCreator!

PDFCreator is GPL and ok for commercial use. Visit their website here:

So, how does it work?

In a nut shell, you download and run the .exe installer. This creates a virtual PDF printer on your computer. To create a PDF, simply print to the printer ‘PDFCreator’. Done.

01pdfcreator 02pdfcreator 03pdfcreator 04pdfcreator 05pdfcreator 06pdfcreator

Print from any program! Photos, documents, screenshots, music scores, – turn anything into a PDF as long as you can find a print button.

You can even do crazy stuff such as digitally signing your PDF or encrypting them for security.