Encrypted VPN with DD-WRT for your iPod or iPhone

By | 2010/06/23

How do I create an encrypted VPN to tunnel my iPhone traffic through my home internet connection?

August 2012 Update: PPTP VPNs are no longer secure. The encryption has been cracked and PPTP VPNs should no longer be used!

You need:

DD-WRT 24sp1 installed in your home router

– iPod Touch, iPhone, or other computer or device. This guide happens to show an iPod Touch.

– Ideally have DynDNS (free) already setup in your DD-WRT, or alternatively have a domain name pointing to your home ip address.

1. In DD-WRT go to Services > PPTP

Create the following settings:

PPTP Server: Enable
Server IP:
Client IP(s):
username * password *

Server IP is your router’s private ip address. This will be the same as the private ip address you are using in your web browser to access DD-WRT, for instance.

Client IP(s): You must pick a range of available DHCP private IP addresses that are available as specified in DD-WRT > Setup.

CHAP-Secrets: Your desired VPN login in this format:


Click Apply Settings, then Save.


2. Next go to Security > VPN

Enable PPTP Passthrough

Click Apply, then Save.


3. Finally go to Administration > Commands

Enter the following command into the ‘Commands’ box and click Run Commands, and then Save Startup.

sed -i -e 's/mppe .*/mppe required,stateless/' /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd


4. Finally, reboot your router under

Administration > Management > Reboot Router

Ok your router should be all set!

Now for this example I’m connecting with an iPod Touch. You could also use these settings for other computers or devices to connect to your VPN.

In the iPod or iPhone, go to Settings > General


Network >




Add VPN Configuration >


Click PPTP

Description: put your home domain
Server: put home domain, or ip address
Account: put your CHAP-Secrets VPN username
Password: put your CHAP-Secrets VPN password
Encryption Level: Auto
Send All Traffic: ON

Click to Save at the top.


You can now toggle a switch to turn your VPN ‘ON’ under your iPod settings. When connected you get a small VPN indicator at the top.