fractal backgrounds with the gimp

By | 2010/06/20

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Yes I know these are not actually mathematical fractals. But, let’s call them fractal-looking backgrounds. 🙂

Here are seven easy steps to make cool fractal looking desktop backgrounds with the gimp!

Step 1:

Create a new image with the gimp with your desired image size. Set ‘Fill with’ to Foreground color.


Step 2:

Click on Filters > Render > Nature > Flame


Step 3:

Adjust Zoom to 3.00, then click Edit.


Step 4:

Change Variation to Spherical. Adjust the Speed here as well if you would like. Then click OK.


Step 5:

No step, just click OK. 🙂 This may take a few minutes depending on your computer power.


Step 6:

Click on Colors > Colorize…


Step 7:

Adjust the Hue value as desired. Slide it back and forth to find a color you like then hit OK.



You are done! Save the file as a .png and share with your buds and impress chicks with your gimp-fu.


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