Linode Review

By | 2010/06/19

A friend gave me a tip to check out which is a nifty VPS hosting company that runs on Xen.

Cost: $19.95 month + (optional) $5 month for backups = $24.95 / month. No contract, cancel anytime, etc.

This plan gives you:

512MB ram
16GB storage
200GB transfer

Four cores of a Xeon L5520 which geekbench out to ~4401.


Pick your distro

You can pick from a plethora of linux distros and deploy your ‘linode’ as desired. With one plan you can deploy multiple linodes if you would like, or create different partition schemes and such. Your 16GB of space can be used however you wish!

Distro choices are 32bit or 64bit versions of:









Pick your data center

Linode currently has five data center choices which you can pick from. Also you can have your linode migrated to another data center. How cool is that?

Data center choices:

London, GB, UK

Newark, NJ, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Fremont, CA, USA

I’m in California and am using the Fremont data center. I see 6Mb/s down 3Mb/up to my linode. Pretty darn fast!

Linode has a strong community of users with forums, how-to guides, and more.

Check out:

Sweet web based management tools

Here are some screens of the management tools.



Console access via the web in case you hose your network or other settings:


Network config (you can optionally add additional ip addresses):


Backups! Backups occur daily at 5, once weekly, and you can make a manual snapshot at anytime:


Pretty graphs:


Change root password, clone your linode, and other stuff:


Add on more stuff for additional monthly costs:


Upgrade your plan without having to reinstall anything:


Web interface for the linode DNS servers (or you can just use external DNS):


Add additional users to access web tools:


Integrated ticket system for support:


iPhone app

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0009 IMG_0011 IMG_0012
Ok those are nice and pretty, how does it perform?!

Performance is quite good! I currently have five wordpress blogs, a few other random sites, and other stuff running on mine and pages are incredibly snappy. This very blog is running on using my 512 plan.

Linode recently bumped the $20 plan to have 512MB of ram, which is pretty sweet!

I can never seem to come close to tax the CPU – four core Xeon is pretty beefy.

What can you do with linode?

Well, that is pretty much up to you! Openvpn, offsite DNS server, web hosting, dev box, hobby server, a fast US or UK ip and shell, mail server… whatever you want!

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Update: Updated review posted!